Alternatiivne vasakpoolsus

Vasakpoolsus tundub mulle olevat ideeliselt pankrotis omadega ja üllatus, on tekkinud alternatiivne vasakpoolsus. Ma ei tea, et kui palju inimesi end niimoodi identifitseerib ja tundub, et vähemasti praegu on tegemist internetiliikumisega, nn alt-left. Kui alt-right on konservatiivid, siis alt-left on liberaalid ja nad süüdistavad nn peavoolu progressiivsust, et see pole tegelikult liberaalne, kui oponendid negatiivsete siltidega sildistab ja neil sedaviisi suu kinni paneb. Totalitarismi süüdistus on isegi regressiivse vasakpoolsuse aadressil. Samuti mainivad nad, et regressiivsel vasakpoolsusel on täiesti suva majanduslikust ebavõrdsusest, nad(regressiivsed vasakpoolsed) on keskendunud identiteedipoliitikale (sookvoodid tulevad tuttavad ette), “valge mehe süü” otsimisele, akadeemilise sõnavabaduse piiramisele, islamiarmastusele, postmodernistliku ideoloogia levitamisele, massimmigratsioonile ilma sotsiaalsetele tagajärgedele mõtlemata jne.


Lord Keynes kirjutab:

The Realist Left and Alt Left on the Internet

A different kind of left is badly needed, because the mainstream neoliberal left and cultural left is rotten, unhinged, and – on many issues – worse than useless.

Fortunately, I think the future is bright for the Alt Left (short for “Alternative Left”), and the views of what I would call the “Realist Left.”

For the Alt Left and the Realist Left on the internet, we now have the following blogs, social media pages and other sites:

Realist Left on the Internet:
Realist Left on Facebook
Realist Left on Twitter @realistleft
Social Democracy for the 21st Century: A Realist Alternative to the Modern Left
Realist Left on Reddit
Realist Left Blog
Realist Left on YouTube
Lord Keynes on Facebook
Lord Keynes on Twitter @Lord_Keynes2

Alt Left on the Internet:
Alternative Left on Facebook
An Alt-Left closed Facebook discussion group can be accessed through this page as well.
Samizdat Broadcasts YouTube Channel
Samizdat: For the Freedom Loving Leftist

Here are what I would defend as core principles of the Realist Left and Alt Left:

(1) rejection of neoliberalism, globalisation, neoclassical economics, libertarianism, anarcho-capitalism.

(2) support for left-heterodox Post Keynesian and/or Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) economic ideas and economic policies. Rejection of Marxism and Communism.

(3) rejection of the extreme aspects of cultural leftism, namely, French Poststructuralism, Postmodernism, truth relativism, cultural relativism, moral relativism, Social Justice Warrior (SJW) politics, Postmodernist multiculturalism, and divisive and extreme identity politics. The Realist Left / Alt Left is extremely critical of Third Wave Feminism.

(4) rejection of open borders and mass immigration, on left-wing economic, social and cultural grounds.

I would add further principles that I, personally, defend as required for a sensible left, though other people on the Alt Left might disagree:

(1) support for full employment, Keynesian macroeconomic policies and management of our economies, a high-wage economy, industrial policy, managed trade in the national interest, a humane welfare state, and an end to offshoring of manufacturing and service jobs to the Third World.

(2) the Realist Left rejects extreme social constructivism and the “blank slate” view of human beings.

(3) the Realist Left defends free speech and freedom of expression from cultural leftist and politically correct witch hunts and restrictions.

(4) the Realist Left is anti-imperialist and largely non-interventionist on foreign policy, but not isolationist.

(5) the Realist Left is pro-nuclear family and – at the very least – open to serious and rational discussion of the breakdown of the nuclear family in the Western world, and what harm this may have done to our societies.

(6) the Realist Left recognises that most people have a normal and natural wish to preserve their nations as homelands for their majority culture and their people. Low-level immigration and reasonable refugee quotas are fine, as long as minorities actually do remain a minority of the population, and people who wish to stay assimilate and do not bring hostile and incompatible cultures.

(7) the Realist Left opposes regressive and illiberal Islamism, and promotes the assimilation of immigrants in the West.


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Defitsiidi terrorismi vastase pataljoni eriüksuslane (finantsignorantsuse vastu võitlemise osakond). Treening: MMT, postkeinsism, Tartu Ülikool Majandusteadus
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