Something is rotten in the European Union


Something is rotten in the European Union

The plan B meeting in Copenhagen must strengthen the discussion on the euro and the Economic and Monetary Union on the left. We need not only alternatives, but strategy and struggle.

by Kenneth Haar

….Clearly, it is not a feel-good topic on the European left. There is no consensus on how to approach neither the euro nor the broader design of the Economic and Monetary Union. Obviously, the EMU and the euro have had profound negative implications for workers in countries that have faced the most severe problems during the crisis – Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy. We can quickly agree to condemn the actions of the Troika, and to demand an end to austerity policies  – and the imbalances in the Eurozone is a main problem. But the topic is not just about that. It’s about how the currency and the EMU is becoming a prime engine of European integration in a profoundly negative way. In the coming years, Commission and Council alike, are set to be chasing different strands of the same vision: enforceable rules on economic policy that can make member states stick to austerity.  Expanded powers to the Commission with no democratic checks and balances……


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