Why a ‘Hard Brexit’ Looms for Britain


Why a ‘Hard Brexit’ Looms for Britain

..The U.K. “cannot have the advantages of the European Union without carrying out the obligations,” Irish Finance Minister Michael Noonan said in an interview with Bloomberg Television.

Such intransigence may mean Prime Minister Theresa May ends up favoring a clean break from the EU to secure her goal of tougher immigration controls even if that costs the country access to the single market, a scenario dreaded by bankers and business executives.

“The dynamics within the government give the upper hand at the moment to the hard Brexit supporters,” former Foreign Secretary David Miliband told Bloomberg TV…

Nad endiselt arvavad, et on positsioonil, millelt võib välja pressida. UK hääletas Brexiti poolt just inimeste vaba liikumise tõttu. EL-l on  palju rohkem kaotada kui UK-l. See on lagunemise rong, millelt vilet lastakse.


Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat says any deal for the U.K. must be “inferior” to the benefits of membership. He wants the agreement “balanced and just for all sides.”




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