Le Pen

BREAKING: Francois Fillon wins French primary, faces Marine Le Pen for presidency

…Not only is Fillon out of touch economically, he is an ardent Europhile in an age when Euroscepticism is sweeping Europe. Fillon is as far from a political revolutionary as one can get, he is a member of the old establishment who like a broken clock, is correct twice a day.

By contrast, Marine Le Pen’s policies are demonstrative of the traditional conservative movements which have swept the west from America to Hungary, Britain to Austria. Her views are consistent with a broad movement favouring protectionism over free-trade globalism, patriotism against the supra-nationalism of the European Union, traditional culture vis-à-vis post-cultural internationalism and what’s more, her views on Russia and immigration matters are far more clear and consistent than those of Fillon….

…..The choice is clear. It’s between tomorrow’s woman and yesterday’s man. What’s more, I believe she will be the next president of The Fifth Republic.

Adam Garrie usub, et Marine Le Pen saab presidendiks. Antud ajal ma loodan, et see nii läheb. Teistsugust lahendust ma praegusele olukorrale ei näe. Ma pean tunnistama, et lasin ennast vahepeal ära petta vasakliberaalide ilukõnedest. Vasakliberaalid on need, kes globaalset neoliberalismi täiega toetavad. Ei ole üldse juhuslik, et vasakliberaalid on kreeklased nägima pannud või, et nad Brexiti ja Trumpi vastu nii ägedalt sõdivad.


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