LegaNord’s Salvini says tonight Renzi lost but also the bankers, the ‘pseudo-intellectuals’ and the ‘pseudo-financial journalists’.

Donald Trump gets my backing, says Italy’s Matteo Salvini

Beppe Grillo:

Hooray! He won democracy. The response of the Italian as turnout and how indication was clear. The regime’s propaganda and all his lies are the first losers in this referendum. Times have changed. Sovereignty belongs to the people, now we start to really apply our Constitution.
The first winners are the citizens who raised their heads and went to vote en masse and they forgot the TV and newspapers to reject the constitutional reform and who has proposed no popular mandate.
This vote has two important consequences.
1) Goodbye Renzi
2) The Italians are to be called to vote as soon as possible. The fastest thing, realistic and concrete to go straight to the vote is to go there with a law that already exists: the Italicum. We have always criticized this law, but these parties would do worse, and we would put years legitimizing the establishment of a caretaker government to Monti. As for the Senate, we propose to apply the correctives to the governability of the law that already exists: the Consultellum. It takes five working days. Our proposal to all is to start working on it tomorrow and have the new electoral law in the week. You can not lock the Parliament discussing a new electoral law. You should vote as soon as possible. The parties will do anything for dragging its feet and get in September 2017 to take the gold board. Will not let them, and the only solution is what we propose. We ask Italians to stand by our side in this battle.
The Movement 5 Star has done its part. We went all over Italy to do for months information, none of us is spared. We thank all the spokespersons and all the activists who made possible the tour train without spending millions of Euros.Thanks to all the people who hosted us and that we have refreshed along the way.
From next week we will begin to vote online for their program of government and then the government team.
We enjoy working with the President Mattarella at this crucial time. As the first political force of the country we are willing to do all the steps necessary to achieve the general election.
A lesson for all: you can not lie to the people forever without suffering consequences.

Eurovankri rattad hakkavad nüüd alt ära tulema.  Eurofiilide lubadused ei ole täitunud Itaalias ja rahvas on vastu sellele neoliberaalsele projektile. Ma muidugi kindel ei oleks Beppe Grillos ega ka kelleski teises. Inimesed muutuvad tihti poliitikasse minnes. sellegipoolest on 2016 suurepärane aasta. Kõigepealt Brexit, siis Trump ja nüüd Itaalia “ei” referendumil. Marine Le Pen paneks asjale punkti järgmisel aastal. Kõigepealt on vaja see projekt lammutada ja seda peavoolu poliitilised jõud ei tee. Neid ei ole mõtet seetõttu valida.


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