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“There’s A Global Riot Against Psuedo-Experts” Nassim Taleb Exclaims “This Is Not About Fascism”

Nassim Taleb räägib pseudoekspertidest, aga ta ise kuulub nende hulka. MMT fännid peaksid seda mäletama:

Nassim Taleb: “Every single human should short U.S. Treasury bonds”


Nassim Nicholas Taleb: Short US Treasury Bonds

Nassim Nicholas Taleb advised shorting US Treasury bonds will decline. It’s ‘a no brainer’ to sell short Treasuries, Taleb said at a conference in Moscow today. ‘Every single human being should have that trade.’

‘Deficits are like dynamite in the hands of children,’ Taleb said in an interview with Bloomberg Television. ‘They can get out of control very quickly.’ Taleb thinks that we are worse than we were in 2009, ‘The problem we have in the United States, the level of debt is still very high and being converted to government debt. We are worse-off today than we were last year, in the United States and in Europe you have fewer people employed and a larger amount of debt.’

Nassim Taleb warned that democracies may even face some challenges in the near future, ’democracies can’t handle austerity measures very well,’ Taleb added. ‘We are going to have a severe problem.’



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