Brexit: the end of an error

Brexit: the end of an error


The EU60 hashtag on Twitter is a potent reminder of why I voted to leave. It is radiating hypocrisy. More than anything the EU is a deranged cult. The Europe the true believers live in is not one I recognise at all. I do not see this malign entity as a guarantor of peace and prosperity. Quite the opposite in fact.

The modus operandi of the EU has always been to capture political institutions in the belief that consent would eventually follow. Only when their agenda is complete do citizens get any kind of say in it. This is why Maastricht and Lisbon were never put to a popular vote. Our rulers knew that we would say no. And we got off lightly.Against all economic wisdom the EU pressed ahead with its vanity currency and now Greece is a broke and squalid internment camp. The rest of Europe has seen a decade of stagnation with no promise of recovery.In that we must ask when do the peoples of Europe get a say? When exactly do we see this exercise in consultation? When shall we have democracy? At what point is it turned over to the people? And what price must we pay until then?For this, the EU has no answers. A new Jerusalem is always just only one more treaty away. Paradise awaits but first you must surrender more power……


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