Sotsiaaldemokraatia USAs

AOC on sotsiaaldemokraat, enamus end Euroopas sotsiaaldemokraatideks nimetavad isikud ja partied ei ole sotsiaaldemokraadid. Sotsiaaldemokraadid Eestis ei ole sotsiaaldemokraadid. Stephanie Kelton on pundis ja töögarantii on laual AOC-l ja esialgu tundub, et AOC on UBI-st loobunud (varem ta sellest rääkis).Kas nüüd USA hakkab mingit progressiivset poliitikat ajama, seda ei tea, küll aga toob see MMT-le tohutult tuntust. Mulle meeldib praegune poliitiline tulemus USA-s, et igasugustest clintonitest ja pelosidest pilt vabaneks.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Tax Proposal Isn’t As “Radical” As Some Say


In an interview with Anderson Cooper on Sunday’s 60 Minutes, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proposed a higher tax on the super-wealthy as part of a plan to finance the Green New Deal program.
Both the tax policy (what we know of it, at least) and the GND are ambitious. The GND is actually one of the boldest climate-change and economic policies to be discussed in Congress — ever. It aims to cut carbon emissions to keep climate change from plunging the world into a complete Doomsday scenario, while providing a federal jobs guarantee and large-scale public investments….

…However — and this may shock some — many of the GND’s proponents don’t want the program to be paid for by taxes at all. The U.S. prints its own money and has the right to make as much of it as it wants and pay for whatever it wants; the only thing that’s limited are the resources. As long as the country can balance both, we’re fine, Stony Brook University economics professor Stephanie Kelton told Vox.
What about the deficit? “If the deficit has to be 4.7% of GDP to create the economy we want, with full employment, low inflation, and poverty going down, who cares?” said Kelton. “If we can create the economy we want with a deficit of 2.1%, that’s fine, too. The budget outcome isn’t the thing that matters, it’s the real economic conditions.” This is, after all, how the U.S. “paid for” FDR’s famous New Deal, which effectively transformed the country….

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