MMT on nüüd mainstream

Mina ütleksin, et MMT on nüüd mainstream. Enne pidi MMT muretsema tuntuse pärast, nüüd on need maha jäänud, kes MMT-st midagi kuulnud pole.

America has never worried about financing its priorities

Modern monetary theory is neither Marxist*, nor bullshit
Allow us to grossly simplify. Advocates for modern monetary theory argue that, for a sovereign country with its own currency, there is no inherently unacceptable level of government debt — that country does not automatically begin to collapse when debt reaches 90 per cent of GDP, or even 200 per cent of GDP. The country appropriates what it believes is necessary for domestic programs, regardless of revenue.
A traditionalist would see this as a prescription for inflation: increase the supply of money and, as with any commodity, you reduce its value. Modern monetary theorists argue that inflation happens only when the real economy — plants, machines, workers — can’t absorb what the government is spending. So: disconnect spending from taxation. Spend until the economy is at capacity, using all of its resources perfectly. Raise taxes only to cool down inflation, when the real economy exceeds that capacity.
Alphaville does not propose here to mount an extensive defense of modern monetary theory. There is not the space. (Will there ever be?) We are confident, however, that Howard Dean is correct. It is neither Marxist, nor is it bullshit.

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