DNBulletin: Digital currency issued by central banks can protect public interests in payment systems

Et selline idee. Inimestel ja firmadel oleksid kontod keskpangas.


DNBulletin: Digital currency issued by central banks can protect public interests in payment systems

Access to public money is important
We believe that is is essential for public money to remain available to all. Whereas central banks issue public money, commercial banks issue private money. Citizens and firms can exchange private money for public money at ATMs. That fungibility is important to maintain the trust which citizens have in the monetary system. Maintaining trust is key in extreme situations such as financial crises, wars or disruptions in private payments, when demand for public money tends to go up.
In principle, we therefore have a positive attitude towards CBDC. Its introduction could promote the smooth functioning of the payment system. For example, CBDC could serve as a backup to payments made in private money, considering that we become exceedingly dependent on private money in a rapidly digitising payment system. A case in point is the fact that, due to the coronavirus pandemic, many retailers ask their customers to refrain from using cash, meaning they effectively only accept private money.

Kas sellisel juhul keskpangad väljastaksid laene ka eraisikutele ja firmadele? Või väljastaksid laene ainult kommertspangad ja toda kommertspankade raha saab ATMs konverteerida keskpanga rahaks?

Siin on Bloombergi podcast selle kohta:

Why The War On Physical Cash Is A War On Freedom (Podcast)

Commerce and payments are increasingly digital. This shift from physical to electronic is one that governments and businesses are eager to accelerate for a host of reasons. But what gets lost when we no longer have access to physical cash? On this episode, we speak with Rohan Grey, President of The Modern Money Network and the research director of the Digital Fiat Currency Institute about how governments can introduce digital currencies that enable electronic commerce, while preserving the privacy protections of physical cash.

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