1. The historical evolution of money and debt

core reading

L. R. Wray & E. Tymoigne, 2005, Money: An Alternative StoryCenter for Full Employment and Price Stability

background Materials

Michael Hudson

2012, A Short History of Debt

2012, MMT-MCT Fields Institute Seminar on the History of Money

2012, Productivity, The Miracle of Compound Interest, and Poverty

2012, Debts That Can’t Be Paid, Won’t Be

2011, Democracy and Debt

2001, The Mathematical Economics of Compound Rates of Interest: A Four-Thousand Year Overview Part II

L. Randall Wray

2012, Introduction to an Alternative History of Money

2011, Money in Finance, Levy Economics Institute

2005, Banking, Finance and Money: A Socioeconomics Approach, Levy Economics Institute

(With S. Bell & J. Henry), 2004, A Chartalist Critique of John Locke’s Theory of Property, Accumulation, and Money: or, is it Moral to Trade Your Nuts for Gold? Review of Social Economy

2000, The Neo-Chartalist Approach to Money, Center for Full Employment and Price Stability

Related Resources

Anon. (A.K.A. “Lord Keynes”), 2012, Posts on the Origins of Money, Social Democracy for the 21st Century: A Post-Keynesian Perspective

P. Pilkington, 2011, What is Debt? An Interview with Economic Anthropologist David GraeberNaked Capitalism

C. Goodhard, 1997, Two Concepts of Money and the Future of Europe

W. Mosler, 1995, Soft Currency Economics.

A. Lerner, 1947. Money as a Creature of the StateThe American Economic Review

A. Mitchell-Innes, 1913, What is Money? Banking Law Journal

A. Mitchell-Innes, 1913, The Credit Theory of Money Banking Law Journal

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